Don't Forget the Guys!

By now, your lovely dress has arrived and you’re starting the alterations process and putting those finishing touches on your wedding day look.  You’ve probably also taken care of what your bridesmaids will be wearing and we all know the moms have been on the hunt for their outfits from day one of the engagement.  But what about the fellas?  They’ve been patient through meeting after meeting so now it’s time to switch the focus directly on to them and get down to business on choosing their ensemble.

Depending on the style of your wedding, we can go a couple different routes for the guys.  Our first suggestion for those going with a “vintage” type of affair is to do something a little more casual and probably in some sort of grey.  For this look you can even forego the traditional 3-piece ensemble and just sport the vest.


The idea behind this looks is to keep the pieces monochromatic – like the photos above with grey on grey.  Mixing up the tie would work as well, but you want to stay away from a brightly colored vest or else you run the risk of looking like you are headed to your high school prom’s after party.

If you like the idea of monochromatic but want to keep things a little more formal, just add the jacket!

Another question you want to ask yourself is whether you want a tuxedo or a suit. “What is the difference between a tuxedo and a suit?”.  Excellent question with a surprisingly easy answer.  The main difference is that tuxedos generally have some sort of satin detail, whether it is the piping on the lapel or maybe the whole lapel has a satin front.  You’ll also probably be wearing the tuxedo pant with the satin detail on the side seam.

And then there is always the traditional black tuxedo which as a base you can dress up several different ways:

The monochromatic look which is timeless and classy. Every guy looks good in a traditional black tuxedo and it’s really hard to go wrong with this pairing.

The black tie fancy look.  For the guys that want to feel as much like James Bond for a day as you do a princess.  Mixing a basic black bow-tie with either a plain black vest or cumberbund will easily achieve this style.


You may also choose to incorporate your colors into the men’s attire.  It’ll spice up your pictures and add a little more pop overall to your wedding.  If this is the route you’re taking, we suggest the new Herringbone style of vests offered from Jim’s Formalwear.  Unlike many of the colored vests, the color and pattern is included onto the back of the full vests which is nice for when the guys take their jackets off.

Aside from these looks, there are dozens of additional ways to make your guy look unique and special for your big day.  Dora Grace is an authorized retailer of Jim’s Formalwear.  Jim’s offers tuxedo and suit rentals, as well as for purchase items.  We can also accommodate destination weddings and have several new styles launched just in time for the 2013 wedding season.  We suggest visiting Jim’s Formalwear’s website and downloading the “Tuxedo Builder” app for your iphone or ipad.  It’ll make mixing and matching a breeze!  Visit us for more information and ideas for dressing your main squeeze and to view color swatches in person!