Northern Colorado Venue Tour- Estes Park Part 2

Back in August, we got the opportunity to take a  day-trip up to the gorgeous town of Estes Park, Colorado. Our goal was to tour as many venues as possible in order to have a better feeling for each one, thus being able to relate better to our brides when they told us where they were getting married. 

We decided on six beautiful venues: Lion's Crest Manor (Lyons, CO), Fox Acres (Redfeather, CO), Black Canyon Inn, Taharaa Mountain Lodge,  The Stanley Hotel, and Della Terra Mountain Chateau. We wanted to tour a variety of mountain venues and get the feel for each one! We were not disappointed with our field trip- each and every venue we visited unveiled yet another amazing view of the Colorado mountains. This blog post will highlight Taharaa Mountain Lodge, the Stanley Hotel, and Della Terra Mountain Chateau. If you missed part one of this blog, you can read it by clicking here

Our day led us deeper into Estes Park, and to these stunning views from Taharaa Mountain Lodge. The photo above shows the view from the main entrance of the mountain lodge. 

This is the ceremony site at Taharaa Mountain Lodge. The site provides ample seating for your guests, and a beautiful arbor than can be left as is, or you can choose to have your florist decorate it with greenery and flowers for added detail. Next up, the reception site!

The reception area offers a large indoor space, along with a connected patio area with an absolutely breathtaking mountain view! This venue is ideal for parties with out of town guests, as the whole lodge can be reserved for your wedding. One thing to keep in mind if you are considering booking Taharaa Mountain Lodge is that kids are able to attend the wedding, but are not able to spend the night in the lodge itself. Overall, our visit to Taharaa Mountain Lodge was incredible- the pictures do not do this view justice! 

Next up on our agenda, we headed back into the heart of Estes and visited the famous Stanley Hotel (and for the record, we did not see a single ghost on our tour).

The Stanley Hotel is an absolutely stunning venue! The Stanley offers several different ceremony and reception sites depending on how many guests will be in attendance. 

This is one of the possible ceremony sites at the Stanley, which offers yet another jaw-dropping mountain view. 

The photo above shows the Concert Hall, which is a potential wedding site at the Stanley. In this photo, you can see the chairs are set up for a ceremony, but the space can also be set up with chairs and tables as a reception space as well. You can find more photos of the different ceremony and reception sites on the Stanley Hotel's website

Next up on our venue tour- Della Terra Mountain Chateau!

The photo above shows the back of Della Terra, and just a hint of the stunning view that the mountain chateau provides! Just behind the stunning wall of windows lies the large reception space, or if the Colorado weather is acting up, it can also double as an indoor ceremony site. The pathway that you can see in the photo leads down to the main ceremony site.

This lovely gazebo is found just beyond the main ceremony site and conceals the bride and her escort until it is time to walk down the aisle!

Here is an inside view of the reception space or potential ceremony site.

Last up for Della Terra, we thought that this idea was so cool! This fun space will keep the guys preoccupied while the gals get ready upstairs in the salon! The movie theatre comes complete with a huge selection of movies. The atmosphere of Della Terra will make your day truly feel like a fairy tale!

We want to say a huge warm thank you to all of these gorgeous mountain venues for allowing us to explore! We would highly recommend touring any of these venues- and as always, if you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to reach out to us.