Gracious and Thankful!

In less than a month we will be celebrating our five year anniversary. March 3, 2011 was the day that our fearless leader, Timiry, founded our little piece of bridal heaven here at Dora Grace. We are now on a 27 day countdown- a countdown where we will be able to graciously celebrate with our brides, our fellow local businesses, and most importantly our amazing staff. We want to keep our countdown going with some special shout outs to all of the incredible humans that have made us the business that we are today. 


THANK YOU. It is because of you that we are able to do what we do. We are forever thankful for you to allow us to be a part of one of the most amazing days of your life. Thank you for trusting us to make you look and feel amazing. Thank you for sharing your stories, your excitement,  your concerns, your love... You are the women who continually push us to be the best that we can possibly be and for that we are forever indebted to you. 

 Photo courtesy of Ash Meier Photography 

Photo courtesy of Ash Meier Photography 


THANK YOU. It is because of you that we are inspired constantly. Your designs make us fall in love again every day. Your constant support and friendly challenges push us to think outside of the box and channel our own inner designers mixing and matching lace, beading, tulle, satin, organza... You are the people who give us our unique atmosphere and you are the foundation of the store that we love oh so much. 


THANK YOU. It is because of you that we have grown and expanded these past 4.99 years. Style magazine, thank you for allowing us to be apart of your shoots and always gushing over our dresses (almost) as much as we do. Aldabella, thank you for our amazing store photos, helping us to show the community our beautiful space. To our other amazing photographer friends who we love so dearly, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your style shoots and showcase our brides, maids, mother of and tux options- you amaze us everyday with your art. To our salon friends, thank you for jumping at the opportunity to make our models look the best that they possibly can at all of our fashion shows, shoots, and events. Your glam inspires our bridal looks more than you could possibly imagine!

 Photo courtesy of Aldabella Photography 

Photo courtesy of Aldabella Photography 


Your hard work and love of all things bridal have made Dora Grace into the boutique that it is. As a local small business, our staff is what fuels it all. Your smiles, your laughter, your tears (out of happiness of course), and the connections that you make will forever be remembered and appreciated here.  

Hannah C: Thank you for your patience, your wisdom, your compassion, your ability to fix literally anything- from bridal to tech and everything in between. Oh, and who could forget this one... thank you for your amazing interpretive dancing that never fails to brighten our day! 

Michaella: Thank you for your laughter, your smiles, your passion, your leadership and the love that you show to everyone. Michaella is running a special countdown of her own as well; 57 days and counting until she becomes Mrs. Michaud. We are so excited for you and are forever wishing you and Jon a lifetime of love and happiness. 

Taylor: Thank you for your hard work. But of course... with hard work comes crazy dance parties, impromptu lip-syncing, silly stories and love of all things glitter. You keep us all on our toes and we are so lucky to have a spicy little gal like you!

Brooke: Thank you for your determination, your smiles, and your ability to handle anything and everything that is thrown at you with grace. Thank you for allowing us into your life with open arms and showing us just how special you are. You are truly a beautiful soul.

Hannah E: Thank you for your humor, your quick wit, your creativity and your fabulous eyelashes. You give us so much joy and so many laughs. You are a queen and you inspire us everyday to be more stylish and sassy!

Kayla: Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your senior year! Your willingness to learn and help wherever you can have made you such an asset to our team and we couldn't ask for a better intern. Your smile is contagious and we can't wait to see you grow through your journey at Kent State! Who knows, we may even see your designs in the store one day.

And last but certainly not least...

Timiry, our amazing owner. Thank you for always rooting for us, encouraging us and challenging us to not only be the best bridal consultants, but also the best women that we can be. You have given each of us such an incredible and unique opportunity here at Dora Grace and we could never thank you enough. You are an amazing role model and your dance moves are revolutionary. 


 Photo courtesy of Aldabella photography

Photo courtesy of Aldabella photography

We are forever grateful for Dora Grace Bridal and all of the amazing people that our little slice of bridal heaven has given us. 

Let's all raise our glasses, veils, bedazzled hair pieces (really whatever you've got I guess) in celebration of Dora Grace. Here is to the past 5 years of business, and the many more that are to come!

Signing off with love and lots of glitter,