Wedding Dress Prep

So, you've got the dress. Congratulations! However, there are a few more steps to take with your wedding gown before your big day. 

How amazing is this image by Rhema Faith Photography?!


We have two in-house seamstresses to help make sure your dress is perfect. If you did not find your dress here at Dora Grace, have no fear! We can still give you some great contacts as well. The alteration process changes for each bride, and each dress. It can take as few as two appointments, but it can also take longer if more alterations are needed. We recommend to leave about three months for the alteration process, but there are of course some different cases where it may be faster, or longer. In general, the seamstresses like to have your final fitting a month before the wedding- who wants to be worried about their dress fitting right just a couple of weeks before their wedding?

The biggest tip we can offer to help you before heading into the alteration process is to know what can, and cannot, be done to your dress. Your consultant will be able to offer suggestions and answer questions that you may have, but it may be helpful for you to meet with a seamstress prior to purchasing your dress if you think it will require major alteration. Some common things to have done to a dress include: taking it in, sewing in cups, having your hem taken up, and putting a bustle in so you can dance the night away. 

Photo by Hannah Persson Photgraphy 


We offer a steaming and storage package which includes the safe keeping of your beautiful gown as well as full steam before your wedding. After being steamed, your dress will come home with you in a large garment bag. Once you get the dress home, take it out of the bag to let the dress breathe and hang it high on a door frame or similar space. We typically recommend picking up your dress from being steamed one to two days before your wedding and limiting the transportation of the dress since it will be perfectly pressed for you. However, if you do need to travel with the dress, here are some tips to make the process less wrinkly:

  • Fun fact for our flying brides- your aircraft will usually have a place for you to hang a garment bag! So, take your dress as a carry on and store it safely at the front of the plane. 
  • If you are driving and taking the dress somewhere before it is time to get hitched, hang it on the highest place possible and if there is any dress touching the ground make sure that the bag is flat and smooth so that the train isn't getting wrinkled. A good ole' door frame always does the trick! 

Michaella's wedding was in California and her matron of honor took the dress with her in the car on her road trip to Malibu! 

If you have already got the ball rolling on alterations and have your steaming date set, your next step may be to accessorize your dress. We have a previous post all about the best accessories for your dress style, you can read that here