How To: Shop Sample Sales

Photo by Ardent Photography

Sample sales can be a great opportunity for many different brides.  Those who have a tight budget can still walk away with a beautiful couture gown at half the price. Sample sales are also great for brides with a short timeline and cannot wait for a dress to be special ordered.  If your wedding is any time between now and October, sample sales are one of the best options for finding your dress. With our sample sale quickly approaching (May 15th from 10-2 in case you missed the memo) we wanted to comprise a quick list of sample-sale-shopper tips. 

Dressing rooms are filled on a first come first serve basis, so it is best if you come with an idea of what you would like your dress to look like. We recommend that you have been dress shopping before you decide to shop our sample sale. Because we do not have a set appointment time to explore different styles,you can let us know what you have been loving and we will be able to help you pull those dresses first! 

Our next tip for you is to come with an open mind. We will have a lot of options available in terms of style, but it is hard to tell how a dress will fit your body just by seeing it on a hanger. If you have specific design details or a certain shape dress that you are going for, this will help us narrow it down and make the process less overwhelming for you. However, if we do not have the exact dress you have pictured in your mind, it is important that you are open to different dresses- you never know, your dream dress may surprise you! 

Another thing that is important for a sample sale is to be open to alterations. Many of our sample dresses are in perfect condition, without alterations, but a select few need certain things replaced such as zippers or buttons. They may have minor tears in the fabric, or have slight wear and tear, but we will always be sure to make you aware of the fixes while you are in the dress so as not to have any surprises. 

Photo by Ardent Photography

If you are interested in shopping our sample sale, drop by our store on Sunday the 15th anytime from 10-2!