Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Stress-Free Wedding Planning. Is it even possible?! My answer is: YES! You can absolutely have a wedding and not go gray over the entire process. My wonderful husband proposed to me on December 5, 2015 and we were married on April 2, 2016. For all of you wondering… yes, it was a wedding planned in only 4 months AND out of state!

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While the thought of this makes most brides break out in hives and screams stress, the idea of a super short engagement got us SO excited. Here we are, 3 months post wedding and wouldn’t have changed a thing! The goal of the blog this week is to encourage brides to enjoy every second of wedding planning and be able to look back at the planning process with joy, rather than remembering how stressful it was.

First thing’s first, pick a date and venue. While Jon and I were blessed enough to have our wedding ceremony and reception in my Uncle’s backyard, I am fully aware of the fact that not all venue decisions are made that easily. When planning a stress-free wedding, be sure to be somewhat flexible with your date if possible. Some of the more popular venues book up extremely quickly, meaning that the date you have in mind and the dates that are actually available may be two different things. If you are also planning to have a short engagement, you will need to be even more flexible with dates.  Don’t let this aspect of planning stress you out! Your wedding day will be something you will remember forever no matter what date you choose.

Photo Courtesy of Coldiron Photography.

Secondly, try to be relaxed about your details. I had a very specific idea in mind of how I wanted the wedding to look (decorations, set up, etc), but I was also willing to bend a little bit depending on how well each piece would fit the budget. Remember, at the end of the day, your guests will not remember every teeny, tiny detail. Odds are, you will be the only one who notice if things aren’t exactly how you had planned them. For example, our rental company did an absolutely INCREDIBLE job, however, they forgot our cloth napkins. We ended up having nice paper napkins instead which was not the look or color I wanted, but I had NO idea on our wedding day, and nobody complained! People had napkins - end of story.

Photo Courtesy of Coldiron Photography.

Third is the dreaded topic of money. Budgets can and will be slightly stressful. Are your parents helping pay for the wedding? Are his? Will you and your fiancé be funding the entire thing? These are big questions that may be uncomfortable, but are extremely necessary to tackle early on. Be open and honest with everyone involved in the financial side of the wedding and again… be willing to be flexible. If you can’t afford to order flowers from a florist, look into ordering them wholesale and putting your own centerpieces together. There are so many ways to be budget conscious! There is no reason you can’t have your dream wedding on a very reasonable budget. Pintrest will be your best friend when looking for adorable, money saving ideas!

Finally, wedding planning itself will inevitably have some stressful aspects associated with it. Unfortunately, it is just the nature of the beast. You have to decide going into the process that you are going to enjoy it and soak up every moment. Don’t let little things get in the way of the joy you share with your husband on your wedding day.

 Remember, this is supposed to be the most wonderful, special, exciting day of your lives. Have fun with planning and don’t stress!

Photo Courtesy of Coldiron Photography.


Much love and happy planning!

Xoxo- Michaella